Science and Technology Innovation Board today unveiled the New Bio-Identity of Haier Biomedical: 688139


At 9:30 am on October 25th, and with the sound of a loud gong at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Haier Biomedical has a new identity: 688139, Science and Technology Innovation Internet of Things Board - was officially born!

Taking on this "new identity" as a basis means the affirmation of a dual identity. Haier Biomedical, the first brand in the low temperature and cold chain industry in China, and through the strength of science, technology and innovation has embraced and led the Internet of Things age!

In the future, with the listing of the Science and Technology Innovation Board and its new status, Haier Biomedical will gain more innovative R&D capital by listing on the stock market. It will be beneficial and surely be conducive to promoting the transformation of the scientific and technological achievements and accelerate the journey and exploration of new technologies to further advance Haier Biomedical's complete cold chain offering in the field medical science.