Why Haier Biomedical?

At Haier Biomedical, we give you the platform to contribute your personal expertise and skills. Find your next challenge @ Haier Biomedical.


No. 1 in China, Top in the world and long-term in each segment of the industry to maintain the first

● High-end medical equipment industry brand

● Internet of things technology ecological model, leading the transformation of the biomedical industry

● Solid chain group guarantees strength, ensures brand upgrades, latest innovative solution and after sales service upgrades

● Leading industrial global market share

● Create a win-win “ Rendanheyi ” model, which is the basis for the growth of the IoT technology ecological strategy


The life science and healthcare sectors are stable irrespective of the global economy.


One result of the global pandemic has been significant investment and ongoing commitment of governments and organisations into research and clinical/healthcare provision leading to a thriving sector.

Regular Training

Personal improvement platform, where you can contact a variety of professional knowledge training, skill training, contact industry leaders, and communicate with top thinking


Customized career development plan according to personal characteristics and open up promotion resources;